About Lifeless Leather Co.


Lifeless Leather CO. was really just an accident… or part of one.Lifeless Leather Co, groomsmen gift, handmade leather, toiletry bags

There was an accident, I was out of work and unable to do my old job at all. I had a family and a hobby, I knew that wasn’t going to make ends meet.

My hobby, or passion, was creating custom high quality leather accessories for my friends and family. I built myself the tools I couldn’t afford to buy, bought the ones I could and dared my family to come up with a project that was beyond me. I got to grow.

I started selling my work on Etsy, because it was taking over my little apartment. I learned that I wasn’t the only one with a passion for hand crafted leather work, and began devoting more time to my hobby.

I have recovered from my accident, I have built a business doing something that I love and I have been able to be around the people who matter most in this world, My wife and two kids.

I am Ty Bowman,

I would love to bring something to life for you!


Lifeless Leather Co. is in Mesa, AZ.

3 Responses to About Lifeless Leather Co.

  1. Joan says:

    This is a beautiful testimony, God is with you. I to live in Mesa, I am also a seamstress and I was looking for someone else and saw this, thank you, Joan.

  2. Shelley says:

    Congrats Ty on your new venture. Thanks for the Handsome Leather Box with my initials! Its truly a work of art

  3. Lisa Zinza says:

    wow .. awesome shop!!

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