Choosing the Right Groomsmen Gift

“You can tell how long a marriage will last by the quality of the Groomsmen Gift.”

Groomsmen gift, Toiletry bag, custom leatherYep, I just made that up, no one says that; but you can be sure there are groomsmen that think it!

53% of all groomsmen gifts are never used.

40% are sold on Craigslist for 20% of what you paid for it.

7% of groomsmen will appreciate the gift you give them.

Shake it off, I made those up too; that doesn’t make them untrue.

There are a lot of cheap crappy trinkets out there being passed off as groomsmen gifts. We can assume then, that a lot of groomsmen are hearing, “I really want to honor you for being such a good friend” and then seeing that equal to a $17.00 flask.

A flask is a great conversation starter, it screams, “I need access to hard liquor at all times!” And spending an extra $3.00 to get the one with a letter scratched on the front (presumably a relevant initial), doesn’t count as customization. That extra effort makes it even harder for your friends to show off, because now it says “Look everyone, I have a serious problem and my best friend is enabling me.”

Your friends have stuck by you through a lot. You’ve been an emotional wreck since you met this girl and now that you’re “whipped”, they never see you anymore.
You can’t tell them what they mean to you, that would make everyone uncomfortable! You have to show them.

Here are a few things to think about when looking for a good groomsmen gift:

  1. Something Cool
  2. Something Durable
  3. Something Custom

Referencing an embarrassing moment isn’t cool. Hand tooled leather is pretty cool though.

A shiny $5.00 knife won’t be durable, but a hand stitched leather bag may out live your friend.

Customizing is more than just initialing a crappy gift. It could be stitching their name into a quality gift, or it could mean using a style of leather that speaks to them. For some people that may be Steampunk, for others it could be a burgundy colored Dopp Kit with a mustache design on the side and monogrammed inside is the quote “I’m kind of a Big Deal.”Big Deal

So how well do you really know your friends?

Show them with the right groomsmen gift and maybe they’ll stick around through all of your “married friend” drama.

I’m here if you need me,

I’ll give you leather, You give it life.

what was the worst groomsmen gift you’ve ever heard of or received?

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