Christmas for Him

Christmas gift for men, shopping for men, for men, for him…Because it’s So Hard to do Christmas for Him!

Christmas for him doesn’t have the same meaning that it has for normal people,

  • He doesn’t want to go Christmas shopping
  • He doesn’t want to listen to Christmas music
  • He doesn’t have any helpful ideas about what he wants for Christmas

I get all of this from my wife, and I’m sure she’s not the only woman out there struggling to figure out “Christmas for him.” I am assuming that you have braved the Black Friday crowds, and spent hours looking at Cyber Monday deals with no success, and you are now considering throwing an Amazon Gift Card at your Grinch of a husband come Christmas morning!

Don’t panic, I have thought long and hard about this and I have come up with a solution that will save every marriage but my own…

Ready Made Leather Dopp Kits!ready made, dopp kit, Christmas gift, for him, Christmas for him

It’s impossible to order a quality hand crafted leather toiletry bag this late in the game, so I made 100 in advance so that when it came down to the wire there would still be something amazing waiting for him under the tree, (see, saving every marriage but my own, my wife can’t order ¬†one of these for me, she’s on her own).

There are a limited number of these available in their various sizes and styles, so don’t wait any longer, I can only do so much.

Merry Christmas!

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