Why are Dopp Kits so Popular?

What is a Dopp Kit and why should I buy one?Dopp Kit

You may have noticed that I make a lot of custom Dopp Kits, (rectangular leather bags). I make them, because society has remembered how useful they are. Mine just happen to be the best and coolest on the market.
So, today I want to answer:
· What is a Dopp Kit?
· Why do I need one?

What is a Dopp Kit?
A Dopp kit is a leather bag made for men’s toiletries, (bathroom stuff). It’s a convenient place for shampoo, soap, razor, shaving cream & cologne.

Why is it called a Dopp Kit? Because no one wants to say Doppelt all the time.
Charles Doppelt was the German leatherworker who created the first men’s toiletry kit. So, if it’s not leather, it’s not really Dopp.

Why do I need one?
You need a Dopp Kit, either for yourself or the man of your choice (or men), Husbands, Fathers, sons & boyfriends all need one. The road warrior needs a place to keep it all together so that nothing gets left behind.
Every guy needs a grab & go Kit before they hit the gym. The student needs one for his gym locker.
Not to mention family vacations… Ladies, you know that without a Dopp Kit, you automatically become responsible for packing his stuff in your bathroom bag. I’m sure it is not a responsibility you want, my wife doesn’t even acknowledge it. But, I can’t tell which she hates more,
1. My stuff jammed into her bag, breaking open & ruining her stuff, or
2. Forgetting everything & having to buy it all over again.

Well that covers the “what” & the “why”, now you’ll run right out to Wal-Mart and buy a polyester bathroom bag for $15.00. Up to you, good luck getting him to use it. The guys know that the concept is sound, but it’s all about the execution.
A Cheap bag ends up looking like a purse… Kinda sends the wrong message. What if he’s into guns? What about steampunk? Hipster? I have it all. Quality & custom is kinda’ my thing. I make the best Dopp Kits on the Market,
· Heavy leather
· Waterproof
· Style
· Design

My work makes a statement, it makes your statement. I give you leather, you give it life.

How do you usually carry these essentials?

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