The 3 Things I learned Falling to my Death

The 3 Things I learned Falling to my Death.

what I learned falling to my death

3 Story Free fall at 70 Mph at a 45 Degree angle, over the boulders, bounce across the beach (destroying and disembodying most of the bones on my feet and lets) and sink slowly into the California waves. Ready, Go!

Poor planning on my part I know. The full story of what and how my life ended at 15 is at The Best Day Of My Life!, My next 3 posts are going to explore how the thing I learned from that experience shaped who I am today.

1. God has a reset button

2. Family comes first

3. I wasn’t finished here

  1. God has a reset button and all of us got opportunities to start fresh, but it’s not always a pleasant experience. I don’t know where I would be now if I’d Landed in the water safely and pursued Tennis Professionally. But I know that, that would have remained my all-consuming goal. I wouldn’t have let go for anything short of a debilitating injury.
  2. I mentioned in a previous post that my one regret in dying then, was not getting to tell my mom sorry for all the stupid things I’ve done and what worrying about me put her through. Before my hands slipped I thought that my tennis career was the most important thing in my life, It didn’t even make the list when I fell. Now that I’m married and raising my little boy and baby girl, I’m glad my priorities are in order.
  3. I should be dead. If I’d fallen when my strong hand gave out I would have hit the boulders, my weak hand carried me over. I should have hit my back or neck on impact, killing me instantly. I should have drowned in the surf, gotten an infection or given up on life… I didn’t. Whatever I was supposed to do or be hadn’t happened yet, I wont stop trying until I Find it, or It finds me.

It might kill me , but it’ll never stop me.


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