Top 3 Groomsmen Pins: Keep it casual

These are my 3 favorite casual groomsmen pins on Pinterest.

I was checking Pinterest today for casual groomsmen pins because I heard so much whining about suits and ties, why it’s so hard to keep your shirt white and if its better to rent or buy. No one wants to hear a bunch of grown men whine, so I found a few ideas you might like to keep them on board and out of your hair.

These are for laid back weddings, not going to be a good fit for everyone, especially my first picks.

 Super Hero

1 Groomsmen pin

This was my favorite, you can earn extra points by matching the grooms men with his favorite hero or the one that fits him best, (big guy=hulk, sarcastic = iron man, etc.) As long as the white shirts match, or khaki pants and suspenders are all the same it’ll work, match it with a custom leather super hero belt or a customized DOPP kit, (Their initials on the outside, Bride and Groom “Thank You” note embroidered inside) & they are good to go.

Kilt Casual2 Groomsmen pin

Second on my list, Matching vests and kilts are essential (kilt, not skirt. It’s only a skirt if you wear something under it). Giving each groomsmen a custom-made super hero bet or sporran as their groomsmen gift would be a great touch, (a sporran is the leather bag worn over the front of the kilt, kilts don’t have pockets).


3 Groomsmen pin

Third, if for some reason, you’re not into kilts or vests this is a simple and elegant alternative. Khaki pants, matching brown sneakers, white shirts with the sleeves rolled up, matching suspenders and a variety of wedding color themed ties. Pinning a boutonniere to the suspenders classes up the outfit without adding extra layers. This looks like a country affair, so a custom wallet sticking up from the back pocket would be an excellent gift.

Remember it’s your wedding, have fun with it! And when you’re looking for a groomsmen gift, check out Lifetime Leather Co.

See more ideas or post your own on our Pinterest page!

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