What I Learned in My Hospital Bed

What I Learned in My Hospital Bed

What  I Learned in My Hospital Bed

It’s a Party!

You are cordially invited to feel sorry for yourself, in celebration of your ragged, broken body and your dying dreams.

Honestly, I didn’t need an embossed invitation; I got to the party early and stayed too late. I spent the rest of my life in a bed that year, unable to stand , walk or take care of myself in the most basic ways.

The 3 things I took away from that experience are:

1. Doctors are amazing

2. Doctors don’t know jack

3. Henry Ford was brilliant

  1.  My Doctors were able to gather my collection of bone fragments and piece them back together before any fragments started to die. Incredible! I’m so grateful for the study and technology my Doctors invested in to save my legs.
  2. Doctors know how each piece of the body works, except the brain. My Doctors told me I’d never walk again, they didn’t recognize mans ability to affect his own life, I didn’t either, at first.
  3. Henry Ford said something that I was able to prove in my own life: “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – You’re Right.” As I lay in my hospital bed digesting my ‘life sentence’ I watched the U.S. Open. I believed my Doctor until I started watching the life I had just lost. I snapped, I decided that I would prove them all wrong. I decided that I would never consider failure; it would cost me my legs.

I honestly believe that my mindset made all of the difference. It would have been easy and comfortable to live my life from a wheel chair. It hurt to try to overcome! I wouldn’t give up because knew it would be worth it.

Whatever you are going through, go thought it. It will be worth it.

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