How to Get a Good Custom Fit

If it’s high quality, it has to have a custom fit.

I specialize in customized. Bags with your initials, creating your original designs and making bracelets, cuffs and watches custom fit for your wrist only.

these items aren’t mass produced, you can have an original design, right or left handed, exactly right for you.

I love a challenge, if you have an idea in mind, email me. I can:

  • Bring your idea to life in high quality leather
  • hand tool the leather with any design or image
  • die the leather any shade you like
  • or paint on the image or design of your choice

You can have a true OOAK (one of a kind) product.

If you have found a design you want, here’s what I need from you…

  1. Get a string and a ruler (or a sewing measuring tape).
  2. Wrap the end around your wrist. make sure it’s a tight fit.
  3. Mark where the end touches the string.
  4. Measure that length with your ruler, in inches.
  5. Email me your wrist measurement.

Please don’t shorten or lengthen the actual length in order to “help” me. I need your actual wrist size, I will add the needed length based on the size and type of material I am using. Here is a link that demonstrates the process.

I look forward to Bringing Your Design to Life!

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