Learning to Walk Again

Learning to Walk Again

Learning to Walk Again

I doubt that anyone my age remembers taking their first steps, they might have seen a video, but in their head it never happened. That’s a memory I have, because I was 16 when it happened.

After my bones had grown back together I begun 3 years of intensive physical therapy. I was determined to have functioning legs, so I pushed myself every day to achieve that goal.

I learned a few things that shaped the rest of my life, in my second toddler-hood:

1. The value of pain

2. Calligraphy

3. How to fail better

  1. when someone is broke it hurts to buy gas, your brain actually registers pain. A wealthy man remembers that pain (In most cases) but doesn’t feel it anymore, and never will again. I spent years in constant agony and worked past it. Pain doesn’t have the hold on me that it used to , I’ve got a wealth of pain tolerance, I can invest it in exercise and activity. I’ve bought my freedom.
  2. The pen is mightier… Pain is drama queen; it always wants to be front and center. It can be upstaged, thought, if you focus. I beat pain with a pen, I learned calligraphy. Funny how writing pretty helped me ignore the pain of shattered limbs, but it did. Calligraphy is a skill I use in my business everyday. Better than that, I learned how to learn.
  3. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” 

                                                                                                                                  -Samuel Beckett

In the process of learning to do the impossible (walk on jig-saw legs) every day, It stopped bothering me after a while. I became more willing to try things. Trying new things is exciting, whether you suck at them or discover a hidden talent. This one lesson is the culmination of all 8 of the others I’ve shared and the most important.

Everything I do today is new(since I was 15). I live an amazing life, I enjoy adventures and extreme vacations all because I have learned to try new things and keep the best of them.

Give life a try, don’t be afraid to fail.

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