What Gift Should I Get for Him?

“He is Too Hard to Buy for, I NEVER Know What to Get for Him.”Gifts for him and other men

When I was young, this was my Moms Christmas and birthday mantra. Now my wife says it.

The answer to “what do I get for him?” is easy for everyone not married to me; Custom Leather.

I know that’s a bit broad, I’ll narrow it down for you wives and mothers who are desperate for ideas.

Your husband, son or boyfriend probably wants something that is:

  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Helpful
  • Durable

You might have noticed that everything I make has these characteristics, so you really can’t miss.


Interesting has two criteria: something he’s interested in and something that expresses his interests.Some men are into western tooled leather, but never wear watches. If you buy this man a tooled watch, you have a 50% chance of never seeing him wear it. But a Dopp Kit bag for his beard,  a western tooled belt or phone case would be perfect for him.


Most men don’t care enough about style to iron a wrinkled shirt, but if the right tool or device comes along they will “re-think” their entire wardrobe. I’m not selling anything that would cause that kind of overhaul, but the concept is the same; utility beats fashion every time.


What’s the point? Yes, I make cuffs for men, they’re cool. They are the only manly accessory on the market; but still, not for everyone. It’s edgy business casual. It’s my way of saying, “I’ll wear this shirt and set at this desk, but you can’t have my Man Card!” That’s pretty much it’s only use. The belt, watch, lunch box, phone case, toiletry bag (my most popular item), and planner are obvious examples of functional gifts. Get him a match set, he’ll love it!


Whatever you get for him needs to last. We hate the sentimental loss of wearing out or breaking your gifts. I remember once getting a “pretty” multi-tool knife as a gift once. Knives are a good call, but this one was a nice looking knock-off. I used it until it broke a week later and never had the heart to tell the giver, (I hope she doesn’t read this).

I only use the thickest and strongest material.

My construction is excellent.

I leave nothing to chance, You don’t have to either.

Good luck with the gift, remember I’m here to help.

We Give You Leather, You Give it Life!


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